Learn And Discover Different Styles of Learning To Be Great Trainer

different learning styles

Everyone learns in a different way. So it is very necessary to identify your learning style to be productive in any work environment. I feel that it is essential for the trainer to understand these different learning styles of each of student in a training class. It is also important for a teacher to recognize […]

Recruiter Training With Scott Love

Recruiter Training

In this video, Scott Love teaches how to speak to the potential candidates over the Telephone. Speaking over the telephone, building rapport over the phone plays a vital role in the recruitment process. He says to focus on the present not on the future if you want to get things done. What is it that […]

What Are The Best Recruitment Strategies For Small Business?

Best Recruitment Strategies For Small Business

Recruitment strategies involve a targeted effort to attract and hire top talent for open job roles in an organization. One of the core strategies for any business is attracting excellent candidates. Whether you are trying to recruit one candidate or multiple candidates there are several strategies that any small business can leverage to improve the […]

How To Identify That You Are The Victim Of Workplace Bullying?

workplace bullying

According to American Psychology Association studies revealed that an evil and the bullying boss can make employees sick. For 75% of Americans, bosses are the primary cause of stress at work. Statistics also show that the employees get used to their jobs despite the fact that they are unhappy with their employer due to workplace […]

How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur ?


Entrepreneurship is all about value creation, and it is a skill which anyone can learn. You do not have to be a genius to become an entrepreneur. There are many concepts, theories, and case studies to become an entrepreneur, but there is no one theory that fits all cases. These are few things to keep […]

9 Strong Signs Which Imply That You Are Not In A Right Job

signs that you are not in the right job

Quitting jobs frequently is not always the right solution.In today’s competition, there are less number of jobs and a higher number of applications. Most of the applicants pick up the difficult jobs because they have to pay their bills, and they have no choice. Here are few things to recognize the whether or not you […]