Layoff Notice: How to deal with a sudden layoff?


Layoff notice is delivered to the departments that are not required in the business or organization. Most of these Layoff notices in America is very unexpected because they could happen suddenly because of budget constraints or if a particular employee’s services are no longer needed in the company. It is tough to cope with stress […]

Performance Monitoring: How To Manage Poor Performance In The Workplace


Performance monitoring is all about identifying a wide range of methods and choose the right method in the right time. Sometimes it is very important to monitor performance against the set objectives. Managing poor performance at different corporations is becoming a growing concern every day. Employers are increasingly becoming less tolerant towards under performers. Performance […]

Everything You Need To Know About HRM Functions


HRM functions (Human Resource Management) are all about people at work and their relationships with each other. It may be defined as the set of programmes, functions and activities designed to maximize both personal and organisation goals. This role involves the establishment of various policies to deal with the employees and retain them with the […]

Everything You Need To Know About Employee Retention

Employee Retension

Employee Retention in today’s competitive market hiring and retaining best employees is a primary concern in every company and every industry. Smart employers make strong initiatives to understand what their employees want, and they work accordingly. Understanding why employees leave in the first place is the first step in the finding the solution. Below are […]

How To Stop Micromanaging A Team


Micromanaging is becoming a growing concern in many companies. Many managers in the corporate world end up micromanaging people instead of empowering their teams. In Micromanagement strategy, the managers carefully observe and control the work of their subordinates.While micromanaging may deliver quality results but sometimes proves to be dominant leadership style. When employees are over managed, […]

7 Stress Warning Signals That Can Blow Your Mind

stress warning signals

Identifying Stress Warning Signals at the initial stage can save you from getting into depression and anxiety. The modern workplace is full of frustrations, deadlines, and targets to reach. For many employees, stress has become a way of life. Workplace Stress within the limits can keep you perform under pressure and keep you motivated. But when […]