Conflict Management: How To Manage Conflict In The Workplace?

Conflict Management

Conflict Management in the workplace is one of the most important factors in slowing down the overall productivity of the organisation.It is very necessary for an HR professional to identify the conflict in the workplace and efficiently resolve the major issues in a positive way. Conflict Management is being able to detect and handle conflicts […]

Employee Grievance: How To Resolve Employee Grievances Effectively

Employee Grievance

Employee grievance is something that must be discussed and managed at the initial stages because they might lead to larger disputes within the company. Employee grievance is a feeling of dissatisfaction and injustice about the job and the company. Job dissatisfaction can be due to Reporting Manager treatment, management policies and procedures, unsafe workplace, poor […]

Behavioural Interview: How To Excel In The Behavioral Interview

Behavioural Interview

Behavioural Interview is the most critical part of any interview process for any organisation. According to the research, more than 80% of interview decisions are based on these questions. Behavioural Interview Questions are entirely based on the candidate’s past behaviour because the past performance is the best way to predict future performance. The main purpose […]

Psychometric Testing: 15 Facts About Psychometric Testing That Will Blow Your Mind

Psychometric Test

Psychometric Testing is commonly used by the employers to identify the best candidates for the open positions. Below are some Facts related to Psychometric Testing: 1) Psychometric Testing is aimed to measure your general knowledge along with your mathematics and verbal skills. 2) Psychometric test is a scientific method to measure an individual’s skills, knowledge, […]

Employee Retention:15 Retention Secrets That Control Employee Attrition

Employee Retension

Employee Retention applies to the various policies and methods that let the employees stay in an organization for a longer period. Every Organisation invests a lot of time and money on a new employee to make corporate ready and bring him at an equal level with the existing employees. Any company is completely at a […]

BPO Industry: How To Manage Attrition In BPO Industry

BPO Industry

BPO Industry in India is growing at a phenomenal pace. The worth of outsourcing to India is $5.2 billion in the year 2004-05, and it is increasing at the rate of 44% every year. The attrition rates in Indian call centers is up to 80%, and average attrition rates in Indian call centers are around […]