9 Strong Signs Which Imply That You Are Not In A Right Job

signs that you are not in the right job

Quitting jobs frequently is not always the right solution.In today’s competition, there are less number of jobs and a higher number of applications. Most of the applicants pick up the difficult jobs because they have to pay their bills, and they have no choice. Here are few things to recognize the whether or not you […]

How Can SixSigma Help Companies Get Out Of Trouble ?


Six Sigma methodology is one of the best ways to improve the process and quality by identifying and minimizing the defects. Six Sigma methodology uses quality management tools and methods to develop the process.There are many benefits of implementing the six sigma process. A process must achieve 3.4 defects per million opportunities with SixSigma methodology […]

9 Warning Signs You Are Burnt Out At Work And How To Control It?

workplace stress

Burning out at the workplace could mean the feeling of physical and emotional exhaustion because of stress from working with people under challenging and demanding conditions. Burnout in the workplace can lead anger, frustration, cold, headache and fever. Workplace stress is a major concern in any industry. As the competition increases among the companies, indirect […]