Conflict Management: How To Manage Conflict In The Workplace?

Conflict Management

Conflict Management in the workplace is one of the most important factors in slowing down the overall productivity of the organisation.It is very necessary for an HR professional to identify the conflict in the workplace and efficiently resolve the major issues in a positive way. Conflict Management is being able to detect and handle conflicts […]

Career Development: 16 Innovative Approaches For Career Development Professionals


Career development professionals work with people of all ages. The goal of these career services is to help people to obtain work that is personally meaningful to them and help them survive in the ever changing labor market. Career development is a continuous process of managing your life, learning and work. It involves developing skills, […]

How To Stop Micromanaging A Team


Micromanaging is becoming a growing concern in many companies. Many managers in the corporate world end up micromanaging people instead of empowering their teams. In Micromanagement strategy, the managers carefully¬†observe and control the work of their subordinates.While micromanaging may deliver quality results but sometimes proves to be dominant leadership style. When employees are over managed, […]

10 Best Practices for Leadership


Effective Leadership that can drive results can take any company to the next level.The success and failure of any organization mainly depend on the leader who is leading the teams. The prime function of the leader is to motivate the employees and develop effective communication strategies to avoid communication gaps. Here are some best practices […]